Thank You

Thank you for choosing California GO!

What happens next?

A Customer Service Representative will contact you to discuss your request. It may take up to 48 hours. We are that busy. 

Here’s How We Do Business During This Busy Season

  1. If you are an existing customer, all requests are processed via texts and an email invoice.
  2. If you are a new customer, you will receive a courtesy call to discuss our services. Please answer. Then you will receive an explanation text, and an email invoice to pay. You have 24 hours to pay. Confirmation text messages will follow with additional text messages before your trip(s).
  3. All ride requests, even those paid are not a guarantee of service. We cannot control changes to our schedule due to driver sickness or vehicle malfunction. We will do our best to service your request.
  4. Any changes to your itinerary will be attempted to be rescheduled. The unfortunate is when we cannot service your new itinerary.
  5. We have a 100% refund policy as long as we are not incurring any expense. (Please inquire for clarification.)

Questions? Call (888)603-1766


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